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Provably fair


To prove that all games on CSGOBubble are truly random, we utilize a provably fair system. This means that the operators of the site cannot manipulate the outcome of any game.

1. New game

Server will generate a seed and show its 'hash' (an encrypted version using 'secret' as key).

  var CryptoJS = require("crypto-js");

  var secret = "SfkTVJX2hZlkk6eGp79q";  /* A random case-sensitive string used to prevent the decryption of the hash. */
  var seed = "IjDAvhHst3Lq9iFXFbgH";  /* A random case-sensitive string generated by the system. */

  var hash = CryptoJS.HmacSHA1(seed, secret); /* A hash created using a random secret to encrypt the server seed. */

A random case-sensitive string attach with the create request.

  var player1seed = "IPfpjnEPYNZcszwJQhJC"; /* Example of a player seed */

2. Draw winner

A random case-sensitive string attach with the join request.

  var player2seed = "RruXnGcx9csginXUTNLe"; /* Example of a player seed */

All three seeds will be used to compute the winning percentage and the secret used to create the server hash will be revealed to the user once the game is over.

  var ChanceJS = require("chance"); /* */

  var finalseed = seed + player1seed + player2seed; /* Final seed used to compute the winning percentage. */
  var chance = new ChanceJS(finalseed); /* ChanceJS with 'finalseed' as the seed*/

  /* A random number ranging from 0 to 100 used to find the winner. */
  var percentage = chance.floating({min: 0, max: 100, fixed: 6});

Since any player can place a deposit within 10% of the total value, some games won't be an exact 50/50 when picking the winner. The odds differ based by how much you place on the game.

CT ~ 0-50% / T ~ 50-100%

A ticket represents 0.01. Example: a 10 deposit would equal to 1,000 tickets..

  /* The position of the winning ticket, starting from 0, is found by using the formula: */
  Math.floor((totalTickets - 0.0000000001) * (percentage / 100));

In conclusion, each player will influence the winning number, meaning that no one can predict, influence or know the winning number beforehand.