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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions
I am trying to create a coinflip but my inventory is not loading, what can I do?

First, verify if your tradelink is correctly set. If the problem persists, check opskins for info about maintanance or lags.

Can I be a Mod?

We do not recruit users from our website to be mods in the chat. All mods are currently handpicked by the admins from people they know and it will continue to be that way.

What can I do with gold/silver?

You can spend your gold for VGO items in the Withdraw section. Silver same as gold can be used for buying Random Steam Keys.

How can I get gold?

You can buy gold on or exchange your VGO items to gold by using Deposit section. Please remember that minimum item's price for deposit is 0,1 usd.

How can I unblock Withdraw section?

To unblock Withdraw section you have to top up your wallet with 250 gold. You can top up with both VGO items (by exchanging it in Deposit section) or code bought on Please remember that promo codes will not unblock Withdraw section.

I have deposited skins to create a coinflip but the game failed to create. How can I get my skins back?

You can retrieve your items by creating a ticket and waiting for the admin to solve your problem. You can see how to create one on the "Support" Tab of the Website. Keep in mind the admin is not online 24/7, please refrain from spamming tickets and wait a maximum of 24 hours before using other ways to report your problem.

I have not received the trade offer from a coinflip I won. How can I get the trade offer?

First, you should click on Manage Offers and try to resend the desired offer. If you still haven't received the trade offer, head over and contact the support system by creating a ticket. Keep in mind that opskins can have issues, so we advise to check their blog before flooding our ticket system with an unnecessary request.

Why was I banned from the CSGOBubble chat or CSGOBubble at all?

You most likely engaged in forbidden activity such as spamming, begging for skins, distributing refferal codes, promoting other websites or having a bad behaviour towards other users or the website itself, such as insults. Self promotion and using the chat as a trade lounge also won't be tolerated by our mod team. Also you will get banned if you used bots or somehow overused our system.